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ARM-Based Controller with XScale CPU, KW Multiprog Support
  1. Onboard Intel XScale® PXA270 520 MHz processor
  2. 64 MB SDRAM on board, 32 MB Flash
  3. Expands I/O by connecting with APAX-5000 I/O modules
  4. 2 x 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 LAN ports and 2 x Isolated RS-485 ports
  5. 2 x Isolated CAN bus interfaces to support CANOpen stack
  6. 1 x VGA port for display and 1 x USB port
  7. 1 x CompactFlash slot for data storage
  8. Windows CE, C/C++, .NET ready platform


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2-slot Backplane Module
  1. Two slots for two APAX-5000 modules
  2. With built-in expansion ports, two APAX-5002 backplanes can be connected to form a remote expansion
  3. Supports both DIN-rail and wall mounting
  4. Hot swap mechanism for all APAX I/O modules
  5. 30G shock resistance and 2Grms vibration resistance


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CIRCUIT MODULE, 20-ch Source Type DO Module
  1. Thermal Shutdown Protection
  2. Short Circuit Protection
  3. 2,500 VDC Isolation Between Channels and Backplane


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4/8-ch High Speed Counter Module
  1. Supports multiple operating modes: 1.Up mode 2.Up/Down mode 3.Pulse/Direction mode 4.A/B Phase mode 5.Frequency mode
  2. 4 or 8 counter channels depends on operating modes
  3. 32-bit counter range with 1 bit overflow/underflow
  4. 1 MHz c


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CIRCUIT MODULE, Power Supply for APAX-5570 Series
  1. High Power transmission efficiency of over 88% from AC input to DC output
  2. Offer 72 Watt for APAX CPU, coupler and I/O modules
  3. DIN-rail or wall mount installation
  4. Energy Star compliance
  5. UL 508 certification
  6. 4242 VDC Isolation Protection
  7. Output over voltage protection
  8. Over load protection and short circuit protection (auto-recover mode)


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