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Microsoft SQL Server

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SQL Svr Std Ed RUNTIME 2008 R2 EMB ESD OEI 5 Clt
  1. Binary identical to Microsoft SQL Server, intended for use in an embedded solution consisting or purpose-built hardware running the Windows Embedded Server Operating System and application software
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for Embedded Systems builds on the strong foundation and proven capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for Embedded Systems, providing OEMs with a robust database for their embedded applications deployed on server appliances


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Embd SQL Svr Std RUNTIME 2012 EMB ESD OEI 5 Clt Std
  1. Provides an advanced, comprehensive platform for organizations to harness the vast amounts of data being generated in today’s dynamic enterprise IT environment
  2. Integrate with an array of Microsoft and other technologies to deliver the performance and stability companies require
  3. Helps deliver operational intelligence through a familiar user experience and provides a rich set of platform capabilities to ensure credible, consistent data and analysis of your company’s data


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968 MS LICENSE, MS Emb SQLSvr Std 2014 ESD OEI 5Clt P6L-00008_T
  1. Breakthrough In-memory Performance
  2. Proven, Predictable Performance
  3. High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  4. Enterprise Scalability across Computers, Networking, and Storage
  5. Consistent Data Platform On-premises to Cloud
  6. Faster Insights for All Users with Power BI
  7. Scalable Data Warehousing
  8. Data Quality and Integration Services
  9. Easy-to-use Management Tools


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Windows SQL Svr Std RUNTIME 2016 EMB ESD OLC 5 Clt Std (P6L-00027)
  1. Windows Server for Embedded Systems offers a dynamic infrastructure that can scale and secure workloads, and increase hardware ROI and reduce total cost of ownership.
  2. The platform features diverse storage choices that can help achieve high performance, availability and resource efficiency through virtualization and optimization.
  3. Windows Server for Embedded Systems also automates a broad set of management tasks, and simplifies deployment of workloads, helping move an organization toward full, lights-out automation and easy remote management.
  4. Deliver centralized access and audit policies, leverage built-in security capabilities, and help lock down your appliances.


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