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Edge AI人工智慧解決方案

採用英特爾®Movidius™Myriad X VPU和英特爾®OpenVINO™工具包,研華VEGA-300系列提供了緊湊,低功耗的插件模組,可幫助加速邊緣深度學習推理,適用於各種基於AI的垂直應用。
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Edge AI推論系統, Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU MA2485, Edge AI Suite
  1. Intel Atom E3940 Quad Core SoC turbo burst up to 1.8 GHz
  2. Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU MA2485 x 2 Built-in
  3. Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit supported
  4. SATA Slim 64G SSD x1 Built-in
  5. 204-pin SO-DIMM DDR3L 8GB memory x 1 built-in
  6. DIN-Rail AI system with essential I/O ports on front-side bezel
  7. M.2 2230 for WIFI or optional VEGA-320 module
  8. 12V ~ 28V wide-range power input
  9. Integrated with Advantech Edge AI Suite


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邊緣AI推論平台, Intel Kaby Lake, 4xLAN, 8xUSB3.0, 1xPCIex16 GPU(260W), 850W Power
  1. Support Intel® Xeon® / 6th & 7th Gen. Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors
  2. Dual independent display: VGA + HDMI
  3. DDR4 SO-DIMM memory support up to 32 GB
  4. 850W power supply bundled
  5. Optional internal drive bay for two 2.5" hard drive
  6. Supports PCIe x16 high power GPU card up to 260W


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Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink, 8DI/4DO/8AI, 4-Slot IO Expansion
  1. Built-in WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink 3000 tags for IoT application
  2. Built-in industrial protocols support more than 200+ types of industrial devices
  3. Onboard 8AI / 8DI / 4DO and 4-Slot I/O Expansion
  4. Multiple wireless options for Wi-Fi/ 3G/ 4G/ GPRS
  5. Supports Modbus, OPC UA, DNP3, ODBC and IEC-60870-104 service
  6. Supports MQTT and direct communication to cloud, e.g. Azure, AWS, WISE-PaaS, T-System
  7. Wide Operation Temperature -40 ~ 70°C
  8. Remote update & system monitoring via web browser


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AI 智能推理系統搭載 NVIDIA 輝達 Jetson™ 生態圈技術
  • AI Inference System based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ Tegra X2
    1. 無風扇簡潔精巧設計
    2. 搭載NVIDIA輝達Jetson™生態圈技術
    3. 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 internal USB 2.0
    4. 1 IEEE 802.3af POE port
    5. Linux OS with BSP (board support package)
    6. 支援深度學習訓練模型
    7. 支持寬溫操作環境


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    人流分機AI運算主機, USM-260,i7/16G RAM/1TB HDD/Win10/VI-SW
    1. Including video AI counting software
    2. Analysis functions include people counting,queuing counting,heatmap counting,face analysis
    3. Support RTSP,ONVIF-compliant IP camera and webcam input
    4. Support WISE-PaaS store BI cloud service


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    VEGA-320-01A1 NEW
    M.2 Intel Movidius X AI 模組
    1. 板載Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU
    2. 緊湊型低功耗設計
    3. 加速硬體的深度神經網絡運算
    4. 可擴充的多重影音串流邊緣學習推理
    5. 與前一代相比增加10倍的的運算效能
    6. 支援Intel® OpenVINO™工具包


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    VEGA-330-02A1 NEW
    miniPCIe Intel Movidius X AI模組
    1. 板載Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU
    2. 緊湊型低功耗設計
    3. 加速硬體的深度神經網絡運算
    4. 可擴充的多重影音串流邊緣學習推理
    5. 與前一代相比增加10倍的的運算效能
    6. 支援Intel® OpenVINO™工具包


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    PCIe x4 w/ 8x Intel Movidius X AI module
    1. Four/Eight Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU onboard
    2. Hardware acceleration for common deep neural networks
    3. Scalable for multiple video streams edge inference
    4. 10 times the performance compared to the previous generation
    5. Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit for inference performance optimization
    6. Edge AI Suite with GUI for quick evaluation


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